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I’ve been meaning to start this blog for a while now. I just haven’t had the guts to do it yet. I also didn’t have the story or know what I would be writing about. I had to find a defining purpose behind what I am writing. After my latest birthday in May of 2016 (It took me 8 months to post this…) it hit me. I was on the plane back from New York City on what was a very memorable trip. It was one of the best birthdays I had had in a long time. On the plane I was reflecting on why it was so much fun and I realized it was because I was able to spend it with people I cared about.

It put into perspective that I wanted to be able to have many more birthdays like it and that I need to be in a place financially that would support my ability to spend quality time. On the plane I did some simple calculations on how I was going to get from $0 in passive income per year to $1million in 4 years and $10million in 6. I broke the number down into monthly income because it is easier to calculate and seems like a lower target.

Knowing my current salary was $2,000 per month, I used that as my starting point. From there I did the math on how many months I had to double that $2,000 to get to a monthly income that annualized would equal $1million. That came to doubling my income every 7 months.

I wrote all of this down on my airline napkin and now have it hanging on my wall to remind me of my timeline…. I even made it where I would achieve my goal earlier than expected as an incentive to work harder.

Below is my rough sketch of how I plan on achieving financial freedom…

I tracked back from my 28th birthday (May 29th, 2020) based on monthly income starting at $2,000/month. The timelines look like this….

$4,000/month – December 2016

$8,000/month – July 2017

$16,000/month – February 2018

$32,000/month – September 2018

$64,000/month – April 2019

$128,000/month – November 2019

$249,000/month – May 2020


The first milestone I hit as my base salary at my job went up slightly and is now $4,000 per month before taxes. I know that in order for me to have a shot at hitting these targets, I must acquire investments and streams of income outside of my 8-5 job.


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