Book Review: Thinking for a Change

I recently finished reading a book called Thinking for a Change by John Maxwell. I enjoyed this book quite a bit and found it an interesting topic to focus. The core piece that I took away was that this book is focused on deep and reflective thinking. The idea being that we ensure we take time out of our days, weeks, months, and years to ensure we are truly reflecting on the events that occur throughout our lives.

It is only through intentional and regular thinking that we are able to gain true insights into ourselves. There are certain questions that we should ask to ensure that we truly do take the time to reflect. I found the book carried on a bit longer that it needed, but there were good use of stories throughout that brought some of the concepts to life.

For finding this book in a Goodwill it was a great purchase and read. I would recommend that you skim through and focus on the key leanings Maxwell discusses around intentional reflective thinking. I find that some of my best time to reflect occurs on airplanes or when I am traveling. It is during these times when I am able to reflect without the distractions of daily life and achieve breakthroughs.

I believe it is very important for everyone to reflect on the events in their lives in order to ensure that we are learning and growing as we progress through life. Maxwell uses an example of how he asks questions in order to teach his children the power of reflecting and the impact it has on their experience. Without those probing questions that challenge children to reflect on events rather than take them at face value or allow them to pass through, children may not learn the importance of thinking. What I recognize is that sometimes we all need a nudge to ensure we take time to reflect rather than just allowing learning opportunities to come and go.

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