Book Review: The Coconut Oil Miracle

A little background on this book starts from a study abroad experience I had in college in Samoa. If you have no idea where Samoa is then you are like me before I went there! It is located in the South Pacific about halfway between New Zealand and Hawaii. If you try to look at a map it is sometimes cut off because the map is split down the center of the Pacific Ocean where Samoa (and other South Pacific Nations) are located. Anyway spending 4 months on an isolated island in the middle of the Ocean, you are forced to immerse yourself in the culture. A big part of every culture in the world is the food. Coconuts are used in everything in all sorts of formats. I learned the difference between green and brown coconuts (green are young and you drink vs. brown are the ripe ones westerners often recognize). There is the jelly in the young coconut, ripe coconut meat, coconut water, coconut milk, and coconut oil. This one food has a tremendous number of uses.

My love of coconuts and the power they have led me to become a bit “coco” crazy to say the least. I found a farm in Fort Lauderdale, Florida that ships boxes of coconuts and would order dozens to my Fraternity house once I got back from Samoa. I did research and learned the power of coconuts and how healthful they were. This book is the deepest dive I have taken down that path. Bruce Fife wrote The Coconut Oil Miracle to highlight the biology of coconuts and the healing benefits they have. I found the high-level impacts of the chemistry easy enough to understand, but at points, it did become technical and hard to understand. The book has a mix of general uses and empirical evidence from users about the impact coconuts have had on their health as well as the deeper chemistry. 

Samoa Me with a Coconut
Palolo Deep Marine Reserve, Samoa 2012 – After husking a coconut with William Glass

I will recognize my own bias in that I enjoy coconuts already (see photo above) and this book was a gift given to me because of that love. I found it reinforced some of my own research I had done years before and also brought new ways of using coconut products to mind. At times it did seem to list out almost every possible non-genetic disease as it went through coconut oil being able to partially or completely alleviate them all. I do believe it is good for your health and can help a lot of diseases, but do worry the book may be misinterpreted as coconut oil is the elixir of life. If coconut products are not a part of your diet they should become one – I personally take a spoonful of virgin coconut oil in the morning and at night as well as do my cooking with it.

Overall if you find reading about health and cures this is an interesting read and besides the chapter that dives deep into the chemistry is an easy enough read. Again I try to recognize my inherent bias and the bias of the author whenever possible so I obviously this is a pro-coconut oil book, but there is enough evidence in my opinion that highlights why the author’s position is correct. Thinking back on my time in Samoa where coconut oil & coconut was used in absolutely every meal – I felt fantastic and quite healthy during my time. Also being in one of the most beautiful places in the world on a tropical island studying may have also played a factor! 🙂

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