The Challenger Sale

The challenger sale profiles different types of sales personalities and identifies a group that consistently over time produce the highest likelihood of performance. The group as the title aptly references is a sales profile of the challenger seller. These individuals approach selling in a way that provides value to clients through education and providing alternative viewpoints to the consumers business problems.

While it is likely most salespeople exhibit many of the profile traits the key to being successful comes to find new ways for clients to view the world. The challenger sale is about bringing valuable insights to every interaction as well as helping a prospective client understand what could impact them in the future that they have not yet considered.

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Others sales profiles focus on highlighting product features, asking lots of questions, or building relationships. The challenger seller seeks to educate, question, and bring new insights to current problems and the problems an end consumer may find in the future.

I finished the Challenger Sale in mid-late August and am writing this in mid- October. While the details of the book have faded the overarching theme is very straightforward. Good sales reps bring value through insights to every conversation and are willing to create tension with prospects as they question assumptions with other useful alternatives.

If you run a business or are in sales reading this book will provide you with a new lens to think about how you engage your customers. It will inform your marketing to ask questions and find commercial insights that apply directly to your industry.

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