New Year’s Resolution Revisited

I’ve always been big into writing down New Year’s Resolutions and reflecting on the previous year. New Year’s Eve was one of the most important holidays growing up because it represents a new beginning. It is an opportunity to reflect on the previous year and look forward to what all you wish to accomplish in the next year. I would write down my dreams, goals, and desires since I was a kid and when the clock struck midnight would burn the previous year’s list after reflecting on what I accomplished and what I failed to accomplish before the end of the year. It was a reflective exercise and also a cleansing exercise.

Coming into to 2018 I wrote down 4 things I wanted to accomplish this year in 2018. They are, in no particular order:

  • Start my Own Company
  • Invest in a Bigger Investment Property
  • Find a Mentor
  • Run a Marathon

Now I like 90%+ of people wrote those things down… and then forgot about them. I didn’t look back at what my goals were until August of this year. As you can probably guess I had made almost no progress on these goals.

Financial Glass - Startup Business Meeting

The closest I had come was earlier in the year I created an LLC built an e-commerce site ( and then after 2 months shut it down because I hadn’t done the due diligence on sourcing quality products.

Technically I had accomplished 1 of my goals… but objectively none. Luckily I still have time and have been working on making progress on the goals I have set forth. I have since signed up for the Philadelphia Marathon on November 18th. I absolutely have not done the required training, but do have the advantage of having run relatively consistently throughout the year.

I am looking at rental properties once again, but also recognize I am not going to just buy any deal (nor can I afford to). Working towards that goal is key in my long term 5-10 year goals and desire to build a large real estate portfolio. This is centered around the idea that I am investing in the infrastructure of both my life and the communities my properties are located.

Apartment for rent

When it comes to starting my own company I have learned a great deal and still, have an active LLC running despite not having an actual business associated. My goal is to focus on the real estate aspect and eventually build my expertise where I can create a business that other investors will want to be involved. (This is a subtle plug for anyone looking to get involved in real estate but doesn’t have either the time, the money, or the expertise).

Finding a mentor – I am expanding my idea of what this goal truly is. I read a decent amount (if you follow this blog – you know I write about the books I have read). I see the authors of these books as mentors and I am actively reaching out to individuals in my network for specific challenges or questions I have in my career. I hope to add value to their lives as well and do not see this as an exercise of me solely pulling value from them.

Financial Glass - Woman's Silhoutte Power Symbol

With 7 weeks left in 2018, I challenge you to dig up your New Year’s Resolutions and make progress on at least one of your goals. Why not get a head start on the new and improved 2019 version of you?

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