2019 Goals Progress Report

Each month, I’m going to provide a monthly 2019 goals progress report on how I’m tracking to my yearly, monthly and daily goals. I’ve learned the importance of not just setting a SMART goal or a vision, but actually taking tangible steps to achieve those goals. Without action, your goals are merely wishes.

The most difficult part is accountability. As such this series of monthly progress reports will create accountability and a launch point for discussion. I hope that these goal progress reports will provide value to you. As I am certain, going through this exercise will be valuable for me.

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2019 Goals

Before jumping into the first 2019 goals progress report, below are 4 key goals I am focusing on this year.

  1. Acquire 4 more rental units located in Alabama or Florida
  2. Read 36 books this year
  3. Limit my alcohol consumption to an average of 1 day of drinking per week
  4. Generate through a side business $128k/month before year end

I went through an exercise with one of my friends Aditya Mahara to write out not just these yearly goals, but what the next 3 and 5 year goals look like. The idea is to have your 2019 goals ultimately tie back to your longer-term goals and visions. Each set of yearly goals should build on each other. Just like when you are a baby, you first have to crawl before you can walk and eventually run.

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January – 2019 Goals Progress Report

As a way to keep track of the daily activities that track to my goals, I have created a Google Sheet calendar to log progress. Through this document, I am able to track what is working and what isn’t. Through this data gathering exercise, I can start to see trends and which goals I am not making progress. As the famous management saying goes “what gets measured gets done.”

As of January I have officially:

  1. Analyzed 25 properties, but have not made any official offers
  2. Read 2 of 36 books
    1. The Life of Benjamin Franklin
    2. The $100 Startup
  3. Drank 8 days over the course of 5 weeks for an average of 1.6 drinking days per week
  4. Formulated a business plan for a 4-week running program and supplement business. Currently, I have the website mostly built and products created. Focusing on design and publishing in order to launch. Currently generating $0/month

As you can tell I have some work I need to do on my goals. Having gone through the exercise of creating a goals progress report I have a baseline to measure progress. I will continue to update my progress here monthly and provide insights into what is working and what challenges I face.

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My friend (who I mentioned earlier) and I are going to meet monthly to review these goals and talk about where we need support. Having an accountability buddy helped me train for my first marathon and I believe has value beyond sports.

How are you tracking your 2019 goal progress?

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