About Financial Glass

The Financial Glass is my record, tracking, and accountability platform on my journey to financial freedom, financial independence, and lifestyle design. On it I will share my strategy and tactics in the hopes this will serve people who wish to build their own wealth. It is time you filled your financial glass!

There are 3 reasons why the financial glass exists and the current challenges in our world today when it comes to lifestyle design and personal finance.

  1. Failure to teach. There is a systematic failure in our education system that truly teaches people about how to manage their own finances and what the skills needed are to build the lives they want. This is not a new problem and has been widely acknowledged for decades by many.
  2. Accessibility of great information. High-quality information exists out there for people, but it is difficult to find, source, and vet. Often times people are forced to pay for information that they are unsure of its usefulness or viability. Payment for quality information is in itself limiting to only those who can and are willing to afford it. Additionally, we expect people to know what they don’t know and leave it up to them to stumble upon the right information at the right time.
  3. Ulterior motives and bad intentions. The financial services industry and those who play in it all have their own skin in the game. They may produce quality information, but it may only be a single viewpoint that simply positions their products and services to a consumer. How do I know the information I am getting is actually in my best interest? Especially if I am not sure how you are compensated and what your true intentions are. Additionally those who can afford financial advice end up paying for an advisor who is not a fiduciary (fancy word for they don’t have to put your well-being first – this is like having a surgeon who watches Netflix in the middle of your surgery so as not to miss the newest season of their favorite show). This is insane!

The above reasons are why the Financial Glass exists to help people put their finances into the context of their own lives, to put the financial world into the context of their goals, dreams, and aspirations, and to empower people to see how making small choices today can lead to the future you have always dreamed of having.


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