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May 26, 2017 – A big piece of my journey is continually consuming content that will educate me, motivate me, and help me view the world differently. I utilize books, podcasts, videos, and meet-ups in order to accomplish those tasks. There are people more successful and smarter than I am that have left pieces of wisdom into their process to follow. Some of the recent content I have been consuming include:


The Bigger Pockets Podcast – this is a real estate investing podcast where the hosts bring on different real estate investors and motivational business leaders. The BP hosts interview the guests about their successes and failures all of whom have varying levels of experience and success in real estate. I love listening to the strategies that different investors employ and the value they create through their investments for others. They also have a forum at to ask questions that is a valuable resource.

The Cardone Zone – this is put on by Grant Cardone who is a more sales focused and less philosophical Tony Robbins. Grant is focused on discussing different topics around finance, career, and motivation. His content and message is centered on creating more income and focusing on expending energy to grow streams of income. His message is simple figure out how to get more money in the door.

The Investors Podcast – this podcast is more focused on your traditional ideas of investments around the stock market and what is happening in the global economy. They host different thought leaders or review books by billionaires, discussing the key takeaways. It is a bit drier in my experience and can be more advanced if you are new to a lot of financial terminology.

Books in the past few months –

Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson, M.D. – great book about adapting to change and recognizing when you are ignoring it in your life. It also is a super short read.

Set for Life by Scott Trench – this is a Bigger Pockets published book and I found it very good, but definitely focused on beginners. If you are just getting started it is a good read, but Scott himself is still early on his own path to financial freedom which reflects when you compare it to other similar books written by millionaires.

Black Swan by Nassim Taleb – this is an economics book that is verbose and I would not recommend to those not very interested in economics and philosophy. The key takeaway is about Black Swans – the unforecastable and unpredictable events have the largest impact on our lives. How do you prepare for the unexpected events in life.

The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham – A classic economics book written by Warren Buffett’s key influencer. Graham discusses his concept of value investing – buying a security (stock) that is trading for less than its intrinsic value. For example – I have a Gucci wallet worth $100 that has an additional $50 in cash. For some reason people are selling this wallet for whatever reason (maybe Gucci isn’t in style or they like Coach better right now) at $90. You know that the wallet is actually worth $150 so you buy it for $90 and have an asset worth $60 more than you purchased it. That is the concept of value investing as simply as I can put it.

These are just some of the recent podcasts and books I have been reading. I also listen to the news on the radio to work and consume interesting articles on major newspapers.


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