Communications Workshop

Earlier this week I attended a communications workshop from Dick Butterfield trainers who focus on corporate communications coaching. The focus was on creating powerful stories, organizing power bites, and conducting impactful meetings. The trainer we had has been coming to my company to train our employees for many years and has a background in helping … More Communications Workshop

Invest in Yourself

If you’ve taken notice of the topics I post about a large portion of those are book reviews. The reason for this is due to a concept I picked up many years ago which is to invest in yourself. Money will come and go, but what is invaluable is investing in your own development. You … More Invest in Yourself

Market Correction

Each month I attend the Southwest Florida Real Estate Investment Association meetings which focus on the state of the market and highlight unique ways to invest in real estate or to discuss topics that are important to investors. This month’s meeting focused on recapping where we are today compared to past cycles. The only major … More Market Correction

The Undoing Project – Book Review

I’ve just finished Michael Lewis’s The Undoing Project which follows two Israeli psychologists Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky whose work around human decision making, judgment, and bias have influenced the field of decision making and behavioral economics. The backstory around how these two great minds developed independently and the story of how they connected to … More The Undoing Project – Book Review

Morning Routine

A lot of folks have morning routines or things they do every day to wake up and start their day. I personally until recently have lived by a routine of waiting until the latest possible time I can to wake up, shower, eat s breakfast on the go, and then off to school/work. For the … More Morning Routine

2018 Goals

I have always been a big goal setter and enjoyed putting down on paper things I desired, aspired to be, or successes to experience. Throughout my childhood, there were moments where I made up my mind on a goal and went to go achieve it. In 7th grade I was determined to be selected as … More 2018 Goals