Spartan Race and a Moment of Compassion

I’ve written about obstacle course runs before and how I’ve always wanted to compete in a competitive run (if you missed the first post Overcoming Obstacles…Literally Here it is). Well to start the year off I did the Spartan Sprint Race and I had a few friends who were half committed but I chose not … More Spartan Race and a Moment of Compassion


More Money Than God – Book Review

Hedge fund… when you hear about hedge funds you may have a mixed emotional response from greed to admiration. Hedge funds are a very important part of the modern finance industry and Sebastian Mallaby’s More Money Than God: Hedge Funds and the Making of a New Global Elite details the history of hedge funds. There … More More Money Than God – Book Review

Lessons from the Winter Olympics

Sweat, hustle, and grind are all words that are used to describe athletes who work hard to master their craft. We also use these words to describe entrepreneurs and business people who put in more effort than others. The parallel between sports and business is apparent in this manner. There are examples of the best … More Lessons from the Winter Olympics

Lessons of History

I’ve just finished The Lessons of History by Will & Ariel Durant winners of The Pulitzer Prize. This piece is a short 100-page book highlighting the most significant ideas from the deeper works that the Durants completed about history. It highlights key ideas from all facets of history and does a fantastic job tying back … More Lessons of History

The Role of the Individual in History

As I hear more stories about what separates successful people, businesses, and ideas from those that fail a common theme emerges. There seems to be one crucial piece to all of those successes that despite everything else are consistent and necessary. It rings true for companies like Amazon and Coca-Cola to people like a Henry … More The Role of the Individual in History

Communications Workshop

Earlier this week I attended a communications workshop from Dick Butterfield trainers who focus on corporate communications coaching. The focus was on creating powerful stories, organizing power bites, and conducting impactful meetings. The trainer we had has been coming to my company to train our employees for many years and has a background in helping … More Communications Workshop

Invest in Yourself

If you’ve taken notice of the topics I post about a large portion of those are book reviews. The reason for this is due to a concept I picked up many years ago which is to invest in yourself. Money will come and go, but what is invaluable is investing in your own development. You … More Invest in Yourself