Are You Qualified to Start an Internet Business?

I’ve posted a lot about real estate, but other areas I am exploring opportunities are creating my own business. I’ve been reading e-books and listening to webinars about how to create your own business online. I find it encouraging that there are many ways to provide value through the internet and get compensated for it. Anything from e-commerce, blogs – like this one :), YouTube channels, affiliate marketing, network marketing, freelancing, or creating an e-book are all different examples that appear quite frequently.

The issue I have always faced is that I don’t feel that I have enough credibility in many of these areas in order to truly provide additional value. I think that there are many things that I could write about or e-commerce sites to start, but to be transparent there are many others who have more knowledge and experience to share. I have my own stories and knowledgebase, but when it comes to monetizing that knowledge I don’t feel comfortable at this point in doing so.

Could I create an e-book or YouTube channel about various topics? Of course I could, but the quality and value derived would not be at a level I ethically could ask someone to pay to consume. That is why I have this free blog that is as much for me as it is for others. For context purposes, at the time I’m writing this I know that 2 people other than myself have seen it and maybe a handful more I’ve told I am writing it. I haven’t marketed it because at this point I don’t have a system to do so, have the content to continuously provide value, nor the desire (yet) to do so.

As the Financial Glass grows and I start to make more progress and gain experience there will come a point where I’ll feel confident sharing this blog will be beneficial to others starting out or just want to hear someone else’s story, then I’ll promote the Financial Glass.

When others do finally start reading, I’d love to hear your thoughts on internet businesses and all of the different people selling “products” that seem to have little to no actual credibility/success. Feel free to agree or disagree or even just provide an alternate perspective.


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