Book Review: The Alchemist


The Alchemist is a wonderful fictional story about a young boy making his way through the world searching for his personal treasure. It is a quick read and masterfully crafted message that will resonate with people of all ages from all backgrounds. As someone who tends to favor non-fiction, I found this a wonderful place to branch into fiction as the story emphasizes universal concepts about belief, determination, and positivity.

The key takeaways:

The story truly empowers the reader to dig deep into what you most desire from life and go out to achieve those. It highlights the fact that taking risks in pursuit of your dreams is not in fact risks, but necessities. The boy who is the main character throughout the book finds meaning in each phase of his journey. Throughout each phase there is a new adventure, he embarks upon he builds upon his learning’s to become smarter and wiser with each new experience.

Another theme throughout the story is the boy’s mentality and mindset. He manages to find a lesson in all of his experiences and sees it as one step closer to finding his treasure. This is crucial for the boy’s ability to grow with each new experience. Rather than seeing the challenge or difficulty he finds value in each experience and has a mindset that he will get to the end of his goal where the destination is. As you can imagine the journey becomes the most important part of the boy’s life in search of his treasure. This is where the lesson and transformation the boy experiences take place.

Application in Life:

I believe that the story will empower the reader to dare to fulfill the reader’s potential. Reading Coelho’s story should empower the individual to take risks and recognize that it is much better to have gone for your dreams, been unsuccessful than to settle and never have tried to achieve them at all. Though you might just find that your dream was under your nose the entire time but you lacked the perspective to see your treasure and only a journey of learning through experiences will unveil where your treasure in life lies.

Approach each day with vigor and a positive attitude. Whenever you experience turbulence, trouble, fear, or doubt, just remember that state is temporary and there is a lesson to be learned. Do your best to learn that lesson grow and apply it to your life’s journey. There are so many wonderful experiences to be had and it is crucial that you do not give up on chasing your dream.

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